What You Really Need to Know

How long does it generally take to repair a car or truck?

Generally speaking, most repairs can be made in two to five days.  Some repairs do take longer, but we’ll always be upfront about the time frame so you can plan and prepare properly.  At Jerome’s your schedule is always our highest priority, so when planning your repair we’ll work with you to insure your repair experience disrupts your life as little as possible.

When can I come by for an estimate?

There’s no need to call for an appointment! We welcome walk-in estimates from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM. If you’re short on time, keep in mind lunchtime can sometimes be busy. If you’re filing a claim, please give us a call first because some insurers require additional documentation that may require an appointment due to the extra time needed for the inspection.

What kind of parts do you use in repairs?

Your auto insurance policy dictates the type of parts we’ll use in your repair.  With that said, whether they’re OEM, aftermarket or used parts, the final repair will get your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition, as stated by your insurance policy.

I’ve heard that body repairs and paint can show up on CARFAX® and similar vehicle history reports. Do you report the work you do to these companies? I want to make sure my car’s record stays clean.

We do not report repairs to any vehicle history reporting companies. You may want to check with your insurance provider as their policy may be different.

The insurance company has written an estimate and/or check that’s a lot lower than estimates I’ve gotten at body shops… what do I do?

The insurance company will usually write an estimate for what they can see. The repair process sometimes exposes additional problems that need to be addressed.  The shop you choose to do your repairs will negotiate the actual total cost of repair on your behalf with the insurance company.  The insurance company will then typically issue another check for the difference.  The initial cost discrepancy is normally nothing to worry about.  We do not recommend that you cash/deposit the initial insurance check, however, until all repair issues are resolved.

Do I have to go to the repair shop the insurance company recommends?

Absolutely not!  You have the legal right to take your car to any repair shop you choose, no matter what.

I don’t have collision insurance coverage, or I’d rather not file a claim. Can you provide a quality repair that won’t break my budget?

Yes, we understand. Please discuss your needs with us and we will be happy to tailor a repair for you that offers a combination of high quality and cost consciousness that meets your needs.

New car dealerships are the only people that use original equipment genuine parts, right?

Not at all true. This is a common misconception in the industry.

If my car is pretty new and still under warranty, I have to take it to the dealership for body repairs, right?

Again, this is usually not true. For the vast majority of vehicles, any repair shop you choose that performs high quality repairs, follows your vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines for collision repair and uses genuine manufacturer’s parts will not void your new car warranty.

If my car’s “frame” has been bent or damaged, it will never be the same as it was before the wreck again, right?

Wrong again. We have a laser measuring system that allows us to restore your frame or unibody back to pre-accident condition.

My car has an unusual/high metallic color. Will it be difficult to match?

Color matching has become a science, and we use the latest technology to insure the best possible match.  With older finishes getting a perfect match can be challenge; but it’s one that can be overcome with experience and technology. At Jerome’s we’ve got both.

Thank you for choosing Jerome’s Collision Center as your preferred repair facility. We value you and your car. We understand that this is not an easy time or process for you and we are committed to help guide you through it. At Jerome’s, not only do we value you and your car, but we also value your time. Our mission is to get you back in your car as soon as we can without sacrificing the quality of your repair.

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